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Founded by Linda A. Landon, PhD, ELS, PRC

Originally trained as a biomedical research scientist, Dr. Linda Landon earned a PhD in molecular pharmacology and worked in a laboratory for 15 years. She wore a lab coat and had close personal relationships with test tubes and pipettes. She published papers with titles like “Combinatorial Discovery of Tumor Targeting Peptides Using Phage Display.” Then, the unexpected occurred: she became allergic to mice and could no longer work in labs.

Not to let an allergy stop her, Dr. Landon continues to be driven by research—of all kinds. For her, research is like breathing. She learns something new every day and nothing beats the feeling of analyzing data to identify solutions to problems and ways to improve. Thus, her love of research led her to create Research Communiqué.

With Research Communiqué, Dr. Landon is able to offer her rare qualifications as a full-stack data scientist and researcher to help businesses, banks and organizations achieve efficiency, effectiveness and gain a competitive advantage. Her data-driven insights and recommendations allow others the opportunity to fully utilize data to explore and evaluate their opportunities.


PhD, Molecular Pharmacology

Master’s in Applied Statistics

Board Certified Editor in the Life Sciences

Professional Certificates:

Technical Communications

Clinical Study Reporting

Professional Researcher Certification from the Insights Association

  • Mobile Market Research
  • Market Research

Professional Certificates:

American Statistical Association

Insights Association

Certified Professional Researcher

Board-Certified Editor in the Life Sciences

Missouri Bankers Association


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“Research Communiqué”

Back in 2008, when Dr. Landon chose a name for her business, it was obvious that the word “Research” would be included. Since research is not useful unless it is communicated well, a word related to the verb “to communicate” needed to be included in the name, as well.

Enter World War II spy novels.  Dr. Landon has always enjoyed reading World War II spy novels.  In World War II spy novels, the hero carries secret communiqués to headquarters.  Also, Dr. Landon has always liked the word, “communiqué.” The word “communiqué” means an official announcement of very important news.

Hence, a business and its name, Research Communiqué, were born.

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