How Research Communiqué Got Its Name

How did Research Communiqué get its name?


Interestingly, we are asked frequently why Research Communiqué was named “Research Communiqué”.  So here is the story:

Our founder, Dr. Linda Landon, was a biomedical laboratory researcher before she started Research Communiqué.

Experienced Researcher
Dr. Landon conducted biomedical bench research for 10 years prior to her consultancy.

Then, she became allergic to mice.  Goodbye lab.  Hello, “What to do next?”.

Never one to avoid a challenge, Linda decided to start a business focused on helping organizations that don’t have in-house research and analysis capacity to achieve success by using data and information to explore and evaluate opportunities for value.

Then, she had to decide on a name for her new business.  Obviously, the word “research” had to be included.

Linda likes to read World War II spy novels.  In WWII spy novels, spies carry secret communiqués to headquarters.  Plus, Linda has always liked the word “communiqué”.*  “Communiqué”  means an official announcement about a very important piece of news.

We think research is important news.

Hence, a business name was born: Research Communiqué.

*Linda also likes the word “concomitant”.   She has an ongoing bet with a colleague that she can work the word “concomitant” into everything she writes.