The Core Values of Research Communiqué


  • Professionalism comprising competence, judgment, diligence, self-respect, and respect for other people.
  • Responsibility to clients to assure that statistical and research work is suitable to the needs and resources of clients, that clients understand the capabilities and limitations of statistics and research in addressing their problem, and that clients’ confidential information is protected.
  • Reporting sufficient information to clients, clients’ customers and stakeholders, to collaborators, and to the public to communicate a clear understanding of the intent of the analysis, how and by whom the analysis was performed, and any limitations on the validity of the analysis.
  • Protecting the interests of human and animal subjects of research during all phases of research, including data collection, analysis, interpretation, and publication of the resulting findings.
  • Collaborating responsibly with clients and their employees and with other collaborators in multidisciplinary research teams.
  • Contributing to the greater good by sharing non-proprietary data and methods, participating in peer review, and respecting differing professional opinions.
  • Investigating potential ethical violations and treating those involved with justice and respect.
  • Preventing potential social harm that can result from the dissemination of false or misleading statistical or research work by refusing to be pressured to produce a particular or proscribed “result”, regardless of its statistical or other validity.

Derived from Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice of the American Statistical Association.