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Happy Customers. Respected Data Scientist.

“Dr. Landon excels at taking nebulous business problems and turning them into focused, empirical research questions. With that focus, she can ensure that businesses effectively use data to increase their bottom line. Dr. Landon is easy to work with, empathetic, motivated, intelligent, conscientious, curious, detail-oriented, and persistent. In short, Dr. Landon possesses all of the qualities one would want to see in a top researcher and data scientist consultant.”

Chris Engelhardt, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO, TabaStats Analytics, LLC

“I hired Dr. Linda Landon of Research Communiqué to create a data-based infographic to improve employee retention by educating my employees of the value of the salary and benefits that are provided to them by Bax Homeworks, LLC. The graphic that she prepared showed the total value of my employees’ salaries and compensation and compared that to salaries and compensation in nearby towns and across Missouri. The infographic helped me to increase employee retention. I enjoyed working with Linda and found her to be responsive to my needs.”

Robby Bax

Bax Homeworks, LLC

“Linda is very knowledgeable of data analytics and how it can help your business! She is a research guru. Linda has given workshops for us and has advised our clients at Missouri Women’s Business Center. My favorite line she uses is ‘You can’t manage what you don’t track.’ Linda can help business owners make better decisions by using data analytics.”

Sherry Major

Missouri Women’s Business Center

“What a rare and valuable commodity to have such a highly-skilled data scientist as Dr. Linda Landon in Mid Missouri and other out-state areas of Missouri. Dr. Landon’s ability to mine the untapped and invaluable gold in targeted business data is unique in small cities and towns in non-metropolitan and rural areas. Imagine being able to tap nuggets of information that have been hidden elusively in data due to time, knowledge or human capital. This body of work can be a game-changer.”

Carolyn Paris

Carolyn Paris Executive Coaching & Consulting

“Research Communiqué provides a unique service to help you improve your business. Research Communiqué is the answer for anyone who wants to take a deeper look into their business data – customers, sales and markets. Linda Landon is a wizard at data normalization, analysis and reporting. Linda will take the time with you to gather your data and to understand your goals and desired outputs from the analysis. She takes the time to know your business and provide meaningful data reporting to help you to grow your business.

Chris Scott

Owner, Chris Scott Farmers Insurance Agency

“Linda approaches everything we discuss with thoughtful preparation and high intellect. That combined with a genuinely positive attitude evokes trust. Linda is a great researcher.

Colson Steber

Co-CEO, Communications for Research

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